A human tragedy is unfolding right here in Israel – we still need your help. We need your assistance in persuading the Minister of the Interior, Mr. Avraham Poraz to act on behalf of the Gay Palestinians that are about to be deported to the West Bank and Gaza possibly to their deaths.

Please take a look at an article published in Haaretz newspaper concerning this story: /

On Sunday, March 16, 2003, a gay Palestinian (the name is in the Aguda since there was a warrant issued today prohibiting it's publication) is put on trial for being in Israel without a permit. After serving his sentence he will be deported to the Gaza Strip where he faces a fate of persecution, torture and possible death.

On March 6, 2003, despite the protests by the Israeli GLBT community and many friends from overseas, two other gay Palestinians were deported to the West Bank. Since their deportation, the Aguda have not been able to contact them through any means.

The Aguda is working in close cooperation with many international human rights organizations in order to prevent Tarek’s deportation. We have pleaded with the Minister of Interior, Mr Avraham Poraz to use the authority vested in him by Israeli Law to stop the deportation. The minister is well aware that this Palestinian has passed all of the Israeli security checks and poses no danger to Israel. Unfortunately, Mr Poraz has replied that he would not interfere. We are also filing a petition to the District Court in order to stop the process of deportation from progressing.

Tarek: “I escaped from Gaza and came to Israel to live…not to be returned to be killed. Please…where is someone to help me?”

Mr Avraham Poraz needs to hear it from you - help us to save this Plestinian's life. Please, we implore you to fill in your details and fax him the letter attached. His office fax number is +972 2 5666376.

Please ask your friends, family, co-workers to do the same. Please let us know by e-mail that you have done so.

Thank you,

  • Lior Mencher – Chief Executive Officer - the Aguda

  • Russell Lord – Director of Foreign Affairs – the Aguda

  • Shaul Gonen – Director of the “Rescue Project”

16 March, 2003 - URGENT
To: The Honorable the Minister of the Interior, Mr. Avraham Poraz