The Association of Gay Men, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender in Israel

The Agudah (formerly the SPPR) is a volunteer-based non-profit organization serving the GLBT community in Israel.

The Agudah is the only national GLBT organization in the Middle East.

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  • To work for the full legal, social and cultural equality of the Israeli GLBT community.
  • To provide support and social interaction for GLBT persons and enhance a sense of communal cohesion.
  • To educate the general public and widen the sphere of understanding and pluralism within Israeli society.

This web page was created by The Agudah Oversees Relations Committee ORC

The Agudah Is Supported by:
The New Israel Fund, Tel Aviv Municipality , Haifa Municipality, Ministry of Forign Affairs

The Agudah is a member Organization of:
ILGA-International Lesbian and Gay Association
World Congress of Gay Lesbian and Bisexual Jewish Organizations

28 Nachmani St - P.O. Box 37604, Tel Aviv 61375, Israel Tel 972-3-6293681 Fax 972-3-525-2341 EMail:


BELH DOEGET works under the auspices of the Agudah

  • to increase AIDS awareness in Israel,
  • to encourage safer sex,
  • to provide a safe space for people living with AIDS/HIV.

Bella Doeget runs:

  • "Cafe Plus" and "Cafe Plus Info"for people affected by HIV
  • an annual Wigstock celebration.
  • International AIDS Day activities
  • safer sex / AIDS awearness campains


Important Dates


  • The Agudah is founded


  • The Knesset decriminalizes homosexuality


  • The Knesset prohibits anti-lesbian / gay discrimination in the workplace.


  • The Knesset, under the initiative of Knesset Member Yael Dayan, establishes a sub- committee on LGB issues.  
  • Professor (Major) Uzi Even, a leading activist in the Agudah, comes out publicly, spurring the Israel Defense Force to initiate an anti-discrimination policy towards GLB soldiers.  
  • The Agudah organizes the first public GLBT pride events in Israel.


  • The Israeli Supreme Court upholds a lower court's decision requiring El Al Airlines to grant full spousal benefits to the same-sex domestic partner of airline employee Jonathan Danilowitz.


  • The Agudah and Knesset Member Yael Dayan cooperate in an attempt to legislate equal status for GLBT couples in many legal matters (The religious parties succeed in preventing a vote on the measure through parliamentary procedures.)


  • The Israel Defense Force recognizes Adir Steiner as the legal widower of Dr. Lt. Col. Doron Maizel for ceremonial purposes.  
  • The Tel Aviv Military Court recognizes Adir Steiner as the legal widower of Dr. Lt. Col. Doron Maizel, awarding Steiner "widower benefits." The decision the law. (This decision is being appealed by the Israel Defense Force.)  
  • The Knesset passes an amendment to the Libel Law prohibiting defamation on grounds of sexual orientation.  

Support Services

Support groups and hotlines operate throughout the country offering a sympathetic ear, advice and referrals. The services are available to lesbians, gay men and bisexuals, PWA and their family and friends.

  • Hotlines,switchboards and support groups.
  • Ha Kav HaLavan - Agudah GLBT Hotline.  
  • The Agudah employs a part-time social worker, who supervises group facilitators and provides individual counseling.

Social Activities

The Agudah sponsors and plays host to a large number of social activities in the GLBT community:

  • Groups for:
    • young women,
    • youth under 22 ,
    • students,
    • religious men,
    • men over 50,
    • Transgendered persons,
    • parents of GLBTs,
    • people living with HIV and AIDS.
  • GLBT pride events
  • Drop-in social evenings at the community center  
  • Special events at various night clubs  


The most important tool for improving the quality of life for GLBTs in Israel is educating ourselves and society as a whole. To this effort, the Agudah offers:

  • A speakers bureau, which organizes lectures in schools, youth groups, and universities, etc.  
  • HIV and AIDS educational programming  
  • Lectures and special events at the community centers

Political Action

During  than 20 years of activism, the Agudah has led the way in the struggle for equal rights for LGBs in Israel.

Political activities include:

  • "Otzma" - the Agudah's political lobbying group
  • Cooperative work with local municipalities
  • Participation in the Knesset sub-committee on LGB issues

Cultural Programs

The Agudah has increased the visibility of the GLBT community in Israel in many different ways:

  • Israeli television history was made in 1996 when the Agudah first produced "Gayim L'hatzig" (Gays/Proud to Present), a weekly GLBT news and entertainment magazine.
  • Guest lecturers and authors from around the world have hosted open forums at the community centers.  
  • GLBT libraries in the community centers.  

Outreach Activities

"We are everywhere!" The Agudah's slogan becomes  and  relevant every day in Israel's growing GLBT community:

  • The Haifa community center provides services for the northern communities.  
  • Collaborative efforts between the Agudah and Jerusalem's GLBT community organizations.  
  • The Agudah's youth groups are all over the country Afula and Eilat  
  • The Overseas Relations Committee, ORC, liases with LBG organizations and individuals around the world.


Tel Aviv Community Center - TACC
Out of the Community Centers
Calendar of Events - -December 1997

Tel Aviv Community Center - TACC

28 Nachmani Street, Tel (03) 629-3681

  • Bela Doeget - Aids Education
  • HaKvutza HaPtuha -THE OPEN GROUP for men, Mondays 20:00
  • B-gay Klali -students, every other Friday 14:00
  • Hod - religious LGBs
  • Hamon Aliza -women under 25,Tusdays
  • Tehila - parents of LBGs -last Thursday of the month 17:30
  • Zahal Bet - LGBs under 22 - Saturdays 19:30
  • Open House at the Community Center - Thursdays at 20:00
  • Cafe Plus - PWAs, friends and family,last Friday of the month 15:30
  • Yayin Noshan - gay men over 50.
  • "It's Pleasant to Touch" - Touching does not always mean sex. This group for 18-22 year olds will meet Sundays, 18:00 - 20:00
  • English speaking Tehila (Parents of LBGs) meets, last Sunday of the month 17:30
  • Oversees Relations Committee (ORC) first Thursday of the month 21:00
  • Rikudei Am (folk dance) group is forming.
  • Gay games Amsterdam 98 team group is forming.
    Join us for a picnik every last Saturday of the month 14:00 at Sporteck Tel Aviv


6 Nordau Street, (04) 867-2665

  • HaKvutza HaPtuha -THE OPEN GROUP for men, Tuesdays 20:30
  • The Pink Silver Screen - LBG films -every other Thursday 20:30.
  • Youth group for 15-22 year olds - every other Saturday 19:00
  • Tehila -parents of LBGs - last Sunday of the month 18:00


Contact the "Agudah"

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Please mail or fax this form to the Agudah at:

28 Nachmani Street
P.O. Box 37604
Tel Aviv 61375

Tel: 972-3-6293681 - Fax: 972-3-5252341

Tax-deductible donations to the Agudah may also be sent via the The New Israel Fund at:
1625 K Street NW,
Suite 500
Washington, DC 20006,


"Gayim L'hatzig"

Israeli television history was made in 1996 when the Agudah first produced "Gayim L'hatzig" (Gays/Proud to Present), a weekly LGB news and entertainment magazine.

Most of the The program was brodacsted in the Community Cable Chanel and partly suported financially by the Israeli .

It is posible to purchess VCR casetts of the programs from the Agudah. The first 5 programs have an English subtitle version avalable in PAL. For  information contact the Agudah.


Speakers Bureau

A speakers bureau, which organizes lectures in schools, youth groups, kibbutzim, and universities, etc.
The lectures are given by a team of a gay man and a lesbian woman and can be tailored to the needs of the audience.
For  information contact the Agudah.


Sub Committee on LGB Issues

The Agudah Oversees Relations Committee / Ra'anan / /revisied May 1998

18 Nachalat Binyamin St.
P.O.B. 29523 Tel Aviv 61290

Tel.: ++972-3-5167234

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